Noah and Laine's BIG Adventure

This is Noah and Laine's BIG Adventure around the world! Help Noah and Laine "see" the world through these dolls and journal experiences they may never have. Check out the Facebook page for additional information.

Both diagnosed with LINCL-Batten disease, these two fearless explorers are battling a rare genetic illness that has ruthlessly robbed them of their speech, balance, and mobility. At this time, LINCL-Batten disease is always terminal, usually between the ages of eight and 12. We are joining together to show them the world that they may never be able to travel.

After you purchase your doll, look for it in the mail in seven to 10 days. Color, dress, and decorate the doll any way you like. Take the doll with you places that you think Noah and Laine would love to see. Take a photo and then log into the Facebook "Noah and Laine's BIG Adventure" page. Upload your photos and journal your experience of your trip to the park, museum, Italia - anywhere!